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Nowadays, everyone is looking for ways to get smoke-free, and snus is one of the most popular smoking alternatives.

However, it is illegal for UK based retailers to sell snus products.

Snus is a moist, smoke-free powdered form of tobacco that usually comes in a pouch, but not always.

Meanwhile, nicotine pouches differ from tobacco pouches in that they contain absolutely no tobacco,

and this stands true for all forms of snus. So which is a better smoking alternative?

First of all, let’s take a dive into all the existing types of snus.

Types of Snus

The common thread between types of snus is that they all contain ground tobacco and offer a smokeless nicotine hit.

There are a few varieties, but here are the main types you will most commonly see:

Tobacco Pouches

Snus typically comes in small paper pouches, also known as portions. Like nicotine pouches, the sachet is slim and placed under the upper lip, giving the user a nicotine hit.

Below, we describe the three forms they come in:

Original Portion

Tobacco pouches are known as ‘Original Portion’ as loose snus began to be packaged into pouches in the 1970s.

The pouch is moistened during development, creating a moist, dark brown colour.

White Portion

White portion snus pouches aren’t moistened like Original Portion so they are drier and usually lighter, although the name is somewhat of a misnomer.

The colour depends on the material used for the pouch.

Sting-free Portion

A lesser known variant is the Sting-free Portion which is designed to reduce gum irritation, a common side effect of snus use.

Loose Snus

Loose snus is ground tobacco that is left loose instead of being contained by a pouch. This is so users can form the snus into their preferred portion.

Loose snus often comes in these three different forms:

Are Nicotine Pouches Better Than Snus?

Using snus has been described as less harmful than smoking. However, medical experts are keen to point out that less harmful is not the same thing as ‘safe’.

Because snus contains tobacco, there are still significant links to health risks, including:

In addition, while snus is generally less obstructive than smoking a cigarette, you have to spit the tobacco out when you’ve finished. For loose tobacco especially, this can get quite messy.

Tobacco is also responsible for staining teeth yellow and even causing tooth loss.

Most importantly, as previously mentioned, snus is actually illegal in the UK, even though it is sometimes used as a stop smoking aid in other countries, like Norway and Sweden. Needless to say, nicotine pouches are a much better option if you want to use pouches in the UK for a similar but legal experience.

As nicotine pouches contain no traces of tobacco, they are far more discreet, providing a nicotine hit without smoke, tobacco, or stains. Our premium selection of tobacco-free nicotine pouches come in a range of flavours and nicotine strengths to sate your cravings if you would like a more convenient alternative to help you quit cigarettes.